Our Process

Please review the process outlined below in order to know what to expect. Depending on the scope of your project, it may or may not contain all of the items described.

Step I:  Initial Consultation

The first step in the process is a meeting with you and/or your project team members to discuss the parameters of the project including the functional/flexible requirements of the space, equipment requirements, project budget and timelines.  

Within forty-eight hours of the initial meeting, I will forward to you and/or your team, via email, the notes on what was discussed in the meeting and ask that you review them for any additions and/or omissions to assure that I have an accurate understanding of the scope and expectations for the project.

An hour and a half is generally scheduled for the initial consultation at a fee of $225.00.  

Step 2: Proposal, Letter of Agreement & Project Retainer

A project scope of work will be submitted for your review as well as a budget estimate of fees.

Depending on the scope of work, project deliverables may include concept drawings, technical drawings and specifications, procurement and project management and a client binder that may be used as a future reference of warranties, specifications, product maintenance and samples of material goods.

Our business relationship is one of fiduciary responsibility and trust. We work as an agent on your behalf to negotiate the best vendor rates and product cost. Therefore, we do not mark-up or make money on recommended furniture, finishes or equipment purchases.

Typically, fees are based on an hourly rate or a flat fee.

A ‘Letter of Agreement’ detailing the terms of our business contract will be submitted for review and authorization.

Upon contract approval, a project retainer is required. The project retainer is an initial financial deposit which signals your intent to proceed with our services. The amount of the project retainer varies based on your scope of work and is credited against your final payment at the conclusion of the project.

Step 3: Programming/Schematic Design

Programming is the research and information gathering process that will define the scope of work and ultimately provide the most functional and effective plan for you. During this process, we gather information such as regulatory and code requirements for your particular jurisdiction or facility type, familiarize ourselves with your facility standards/guidelines, obtain existing drawings, take field measurements, photograph the space and meet with end users for input on work adjacencies, processes and preferences. In addition, specific surveys and questionnaires may be circulated for end user input.

Once the information gathering is complete, schematic options are formulated that outline spatial relationships and functional adjacencies that increase efficiency, comfort and safety. Floor plan options are presented for your review. At this point, we ask that you advise of any preference and revisions to the plan in order to finalize the best plan for you.

Step 4: Plan Development

When the final floor plan has been approved, the plan will be populated with a furniture, fixtures and an equipment layout. Recommended selections for furniture, custom millwork, cabinetry, fixtures, ceiling/lighting, equipment, signage, art, accessories, flooring, window treatments and finishes aligned with the project budget will be presented for your review and your preferences.

This is where we may make final revisions and adjustments prior to project documentation.

Step 5: Final Documentation/Contract Administration

The final plan documentation phase is the time when detailed drawings are produced that demonstrate the plans intent. We provide accurate drawings for contractors to review in order to provide estimates.

During the contract administration phase, project contractor(s) will be assigned. We partner with vendors and/or sub-contractors that are licensed and insured and meet a high standard of safety compliance, professional customer service with excellent job performance.

If the project necessitates the use of an architect, general contractor or structural engineer we work collaboratively with your architect, general contractor, structural engineer or facilities staff to complete the project.  We are also happy to provide referrals for these services and securing their bids.

Once vendor quotes and proposed timelines have been received, we will review the submittals for accuracy and fair pricing.

We handle the procurement specifications and purchase orders for project deliverables such as interior finishes, flooring, window treatments, lighting, furnishings, art, accessories, etc., and determine vendor timelines to assure timely receipt and inspection of goods prior to renovation and installation.

Step 6: Phase V: Project Management

Project administration incorporates assigning vendor/contractor(s), ordering furniture, fixtures, and other accessories, as well as onsite monitoring of deliverables to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and the approved interior environments package.

Timely communication with all stakeholders is the key to successful project completion. During the project management phase, we will review with you project completion timelines and logistics and as the project is underway, we will keep you apprised of project milestones and schedule necessary project meetings to keep the job progressing and receive your feedback.

We are on the job site frequently to oversee the sub-contractors and ensure work is progressing on schedule and as planned and will meet with you weekly or as required to address any concerns.

Following renovation, we coordinate the delivery and installation of your new furnishings, equipment, signage, accessories, artwork, etc.

Step 7: Project Completion

Before the project close out, we perform a final walk-through and compile a punch list of any items that require attention.  We will also provide the warranties and care and maintenance instructions for the deliverables in order to maintain their new appearance and get many years of use and enjoyment from the products.

At the conclusion of the project, we request that you complete a project survey and a review of our service.

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